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20 Jul 2003
Tak Matsumoto Group just released their debut single 'Oh Japan ~Our Time Is Now~'

hard rocking

guitars Tak Matsumoto (B'z)
vocal Eric Martin (ex Mr.Big)
bass Jack Blades
drums Brian Tichy

the two songs in the single
'Oh Japan ~Our Time Is Now' and 'Trapped'

just hard rocking!!
I am expecting some more cool stuff from this group!!
Tak Matsumoto with Eric Martin ex-Mr. Big and Jack Blades ex-Damn Yankees & ex-Night Ranger. The deput single is great, 80's metal fans will love it. With Eric Martin and Jack Blades' lyrics and Tak's music, I hope they stay around a long time. I am interested to see what Track 2 'Trapped' sounds like?
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