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Tachikawa neighborhood folks memories


29 Jul 2003
Hello; My name is Henry Frederick, I am wondering if any people from Tachikawa read this forum. I was born at the Tachikawa Air Force Base in May 1964. We had a small house in Tachikawa, I remember my parents telling me that there was a slaughterhouse nearby and sometimes blood ran down the middle of the street! Anyways, my brother told me (he was five years old then) that he ran to every house in the neighbood and told them that his baby brother was coming home. I wonder if any people in Tachikawa remember me and my brother Benson, as well as my mom Machiko and my dad Banford. My brother knew a friend call Emichan, who might still be living in that area.
Hello Henry,

I found your post while doing a Google search for Tachikawa Air Force Base and it caught my eye for one reason: I was also born at the Tachikawa Air Force Base in May 1964. Maybe we were next to each other in the nursery! My father was editor of the Kanto Plainsman. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything about Tachikawa as we left there when I was still a baby, thus the search.

It's cool to find someone who was born at the same time in the same place! I also left Japan when I was a baby so I don't remember much, although my brother who was about 5 at the time remembers more. Thanks for replying anyways though!
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