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Taboo under attack

What do you think of tattoos?

  • I like them, but not on myself.

    Votes: 10 25.0%
  • I'm not tattooed, but I'm planning to have one.

    Votes: 7 17.5%
  • Can't stand them!

    Votes: 7 17.5%
  • They're cool!

    Votes: 6 15.0%
  • I am already tattooed.

    Votes: 6 15.0%
  • No idea.

    Votes: 4 10.0%

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14 Mar 2002
Check out Kjeld's latest feature, Taboo under attack.

"Young Japanese are breaking one of Japan's strongest taboos, the one on tattoos. In the trendiest areas of Tokyo and Osaka an increasing number of youths sport colorful tattoos which they are not ashamed to show. It is a radical break with the values their parents and grandparents lived by."

=> TATTOO (great pictures!)

What's your opinion on tattoos? Here's a little poll.
I like tattoos, but no on myself :auch:

I would really like to see a person so tattooed in real life. 👍

I hear that the pain is unbearable, and that's the little detail that put me right off the idea years ago. Lol, I have seen smaller tattoos that are maybe twenty or thirty years old, and most of the colour has faded, and they are looking kind of weak, but those tattoos performed by the masters are really something else.🙂
I'm not really a big fan of tattoos myself. As the saying goes, "Your Body is a Temple". Why splatter it with grafitti? However, the American tattoos I'm used to look like absolute crap compared to those photos. Those tattoos are works of art! Like debs mentioned, they must have hurt like heck...
Just like I mentioned in the yakuza thread.

There's a difference here we have to rember. The yakuza types (beautiful works of art) are the taboo'd ones since they have a strong connection to the syndicate. While the American looking ones are more thought of as fashionl.

hmmm ... I've thought of getting one before but thinking what I would go through when I reach 50 was what stopped me.
I am against permanent tattoos on myself...
I like henna though :)
You do it, after two weeks or so, it's gone...cool for a moment of madness ^^
Anyway, I like tattoos like the ones on the pics. ;)
I think tattoos are ok. I don't have one myself, but i've though about getting one. I do think it should have a significant personal meaning, for instance marking an important moment in one's life.

A Dutch rocksinger tattood the barcode of his cd on his arm when it went platinum.
@ henna

Henna is great. In some Middle Eastern countries young brides are being covered with ornaments all over their feet and arms, it looks fantastic.

@ bar code tattoos

Think marketing. What about credit card no. and Pay Pal link? Or web site?* Think business, hehe.

*Just make sure no one steals your domain!
not to sound like an idiot...what is henna???

Am I going to be the only one here with a tattoo...Mine has great meaning. There is a 6 inch long panther on my Left shoulder. It is in rememberance of my grandfather...the greatest man I ever knew. Soon, there will be another...not sure what though.
No you are not the only one....I have two Tats..one on my arm, it is Kanji for an even/calm, state of mind.
And the Second one is one my hip.....

I don't think I need anymore.......but you never know...
Henna,, hmmmm, now thats worth looking into! painless!!! non permanant!!! I must check that out, I would love a tatoo, but its the permanant and painfull feature that I dont like, yes I'm a coward (lol), but henna is my kind of feature, I'm going to check it out here and see if its available!! 🙂
Lol...when my aunt went to Moracco, she brought back pictures of her covered in henna. It looked awesome. Everything is so intricate.
Depends what kind of tattoos. Some cover all the body in a Yakusa-like style. I don't really like them. Henna on the hands of women is rather cool. A small delicate tattoo on the shoulder or ankle of a girl can be sexy as well. I don't think I'd do one for myself though.
By the way have you seen the film "Memento" ? That kind od tattoo is rather useful, isn't it ?
I like tattoos..I wanted a Japanese kanji on my arm....but after a lot of research...I stumbled on some things that made me change my mind..like ONSEN...it's not very good to have one...because they won't let you in...and some jobs aren't too fond of it...soooo I decided not to :)
I'm thinking about getting black wings tattoed on my back. I've seen a few people with wings but they were really ugly and badly done. If your going to get a tatto get something that looks nice and has some meaning.
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Interesting article. I like tatts, always have. I even sport a couple myself (tribals). I think they are starting to become a bit more sociablly acceptable (at least here in Nagoya). Just the other day I saw a young lady sporting twin Celtic crosses on her shoulders.
umm im not too into them. Although i prob wouldent mind some japanese letters on my back. I dont know about anywhere else, but in Britain, women seem to be getting tattoos on there back just above thier butt, i think thats kinda sexy.
Twisted said:
I think tattoos are ok. I don't have one myself, but i've though about getting one. I do think it should have a significant personal meaning, for instance marking an important moment in one's life.

A Dutch rocksinger tattood the barcode of his cd on his arm when it went platinum.

I love tattoos, I sport one on my arm. Very significant -don't talk about- And my next goest on my other arm and a little on shoulderblade--Tribal 😊
I think some tattoo's look amazing!! especially ones that have carps that are really brightly coloured. Not something with dank dismal colours.

hehe I've been tempted to get Capcom tatooed on my inner arm, but it would need something else with it i think to kinda blend it, it would look a little weird just sitting there. :D

Maybe you could get zangief or ryu or ken with it or something....

:p no NO!!! Put Blanka holding it in a brightly colored green and red!!! 👍
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