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Syrians versus Da'esh (ISIS), Israel versus Syrians!!

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4 Mar 2016
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in the last six days, Israel carried out a few air strikes in the edge of Syria territory, just coordinated with some terrorists' military operations in the same area! (it is told, Israel supported them through air)
These actions of Israel can causes a probable reaction by Syria army, and they respond Israel mutually.
Perhaps Syrians, in respond to the few Israeli air-strikes versus their soldiers, decide to awaken one or two of their Russian Scud B missiles that are slept in the silos. Shooting those giants can ruin the Israeli's bases that will be targeted!



I think it is the right of the army of every country to advocate and defense its territory and security, and sometimes it is done by shooting a giant missile to stop enemy harassing and damaging.
Israel must not forget, Russia is the ally of Syria and its satellites information and monitoring is in the service of Syrian army as well. So the best Israeli's decision is that stop their fighters crossing Syria borders, and if not, may Syrian missiles cross the fences of their bases.
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