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What efforts have you made to decipher it on your own? Could you tell us a bit more about your grandpa and how he came across the sword?

PS: it's upside-down.
Sorry about the position not sure how to rotate, but I have downloaded several translators and just gotten gibberish and have been trying to match symbols online with no luck. So my was assigned to the ship next to the Missouri when the Japanese surrendered we believe that is where he was given the sword but he also talked about while recovering from being wounded he was in charge of some POWs and I was told he was friendly with the group. So we are not 100 percent where he got it. I was hoping for some clue who carried the sword to make a connection there but I have read that information is usually not there
Ryakuō 2, Kanoto-mi, 8th month, the 15th (= the 18th September, 1339 Julian calendar)
Genkichi (= the swordsmith's given name) lived in Senjuin, Yamato Province

The inscription says that the Japanese calendar 暦應二年 "Ryakuō 2" is 辛巳 "Kanoto-mi", i.e., the 18th year in the sexagenary cycle, but actually, Ryakuō 2 is 己卯 "Tsuchinoto-u", i.e., the 16th year.

千手院 Senjuin is a school of swordsmith, not a location name, so "lived in Senjuin" is odd.

In conclusion, I'm skeptical about the authenticity of the sword.
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