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Sword maker mark.


28 Apr 2019
I recently bought a sword on a whim, I would love to know what the sword makers name was, just to find out any history behind the sword. If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated.
The sword maker's name will be on the tang (the part that fits inside the handle). That is, this is where the sword maker's name is carved/engraved if the sword is an authentic antique Japanese sword.

What you have is, unfortunately, a fake Japanese sword, probably made in China. The damascus pattern you have on your sword is an effect created artificially, and the name engraved on the sword is using Chinese style characters, and says 広島美子 - Hiroshima Miko (?). Unsure of the pronunciation, but the character 广 isn't used in Japan (it is a recent Chinese simplification of 広), and the personal name 美子 is a woman's name.

And, the name is written upside-down. (Japanese would write top to bottom, with the bottom part being closest to the habaki/handle).
Well, tis a bit unfortunate but I do thank you for the detailed response. Atleast it a nice decoration sword. Thanks again, hope you have a good day!
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