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Sword certificate - What kind of sword?


1 Nov 2016
This is supposed to be a Japanese sword certificate, but I am so bad at Japanese I can't even tell the kind of sword this is supposed to be - a naginata? I don't know.

Please help me identify what this certificate refers to. I don't expect a full translation, the backside seems rather extensive, just an orientation on what it is about. Maybe just the front and envelope? Whatever help you can provide will be very much appreciated.
Thank you!

The only kanji I could find close to the first picture was 銑砲刀 that first kanji being pig iron and third one being katana(sword). It doesn't look exactly alike so maybe a different kanji. I would expect that's the one that has the information for the sword though as it has details about the sword. 長さ: Length, 反り: Curvature, 目くぎ穴: Nail hole. Also kind of faded I'm seeing 東京都 which is Tokyo Metropolis. I don't know the type of sword but it's likely made of pig iron. Maybe someone else on here can help more.
Registration certificate for firearms and swords

種別 薙刀
Type (of firearms/swords) Naginata

長さ 三十四・三〇センチメートル
Length 34.30cm

反り 一・九〇センチメートル
Curvature 1.90cm

目くぎ穴 一個
(the number of) Nail hole 1

銘文 表 丹波守吉兼
Inscription Obverse side Tanba no kami Yoshikane

The date of grant of the certificate ? 4th, 1948?

The backside of the paper is notes to the holder.
Awesome, guys, thank you!
So this is not the "normal" export permit for a sword we usually see here, but rather a permit to own it IN Japan, right? Interesting...
So this is not the "normal" export permit for a sword we usually see here, but rather a permit to own it IN Japan, right?
Yes, that's right.
A correction for the date of grant. It's 昭和卅参年, i.e., 1958.
鉄 doesn't look like the first kanji on the certificate to me. I know you're right on this but is the one on the certificate an older variation? Or is that simply the way it always looks written?
Ooops, sorry, it's 砲, not 鉄砲. I thought I wrote 銃砲, and even didn't realize my typo. Thanks for pointing it out.🙂:
I couldn't find no matter what radical I used that's why I noticed for that particular kanji. 銑 was the closest I found but it didn't feel right. I think it's because I didn't recognize 厶 in the kanji, maybe I should look more closely next time. Thank you for answering my question on that.
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