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SWG: An Empire Divided

Iron Chef

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26 Feb 2003
Anyone play this PC game online? Another MMORPG in a long (and soon to be even longer) line of online subscription games that came out a few weeks ago. I've been playing since day one (could not get into Beta though) and it's pretty fun, especially if you are a fan of the Star Wars universe in any way, shape, or form. Your char is selected from several races (Human, Wookie, etc.) and the skill development is open-ended allowing you to eventually (and I do mean eventually, prepare to grind xp...) become any number of professions, ranging from Chef to Bounty Hunter to Droid Engineer to Architect to Rifleman to Creature Handler to Dancer to... a whole LOT more. And of course Jedi are in the game but that path is VERY hard and VERY elusive. Anyways, I play on the Eclipse server atm so if anyone else does as well, lemme know and we can hook up online.
Looks neat, but since my job was just eliminated a couple days ago, probably not. $15USD/month plus the cost of the game and probably have to upgrade my PC to really enjoy the game.... nah. =)
Yeah, I hear ya. I must admit that getting this game to work properly after installing it at first was one of the most trying things i've had to do in quite some time. The game ONLY functions with the absolute latest drivers (plus whatever latest version of DirectX 9 is out) and in general seems to be very picky about what configs it will work with (not to mention being a memory hog). The payoff is sweet though if you don't mind the headache.
Played the beta and just loved it.
Right now I'm playing Planetside (MMOFPS from Sony), which is one of the coolest games I've ever played. I'm thinking of going back to Everquest (and there goes my social life...) since Sony is currently offering both games for 21 USD. But I don't know, this sounds like suicide.:D
I happen to be playing this game now, have to say one thing compaired to most games i played, Eye candy what i mean by that is i was amazed with the graphics and gameplay of this game, the controls seemed complex at first for me but after that, it's been endless gameplay. The charaters are just starting to come to life, (cause i have to say it was actually almost still in beta mood after realise) but now with the devs working on it everything is going smooth, the only problem now for me is the lack of content in the game since the devs had to put in so much work on charater revamping. All in all though i'm willing to wait for more contant cause this game was more addicting then most online games that i played,(and their been alot) With expansion pack already in the making this makes swg the next EQ. Which in that case i'm kinda don't mind paying the money for a never ending game at this point, and honestly i must have racked up way pass 300 hours on it so far.(to lazy to do the math)
one of my friends just sits in the canteen and builds up his entertainment experience points? word
Yeah, lol there are actual professions for the more social types who like to entertain as opposed to straight combat (Musicians, Dancers). As characters incur Battle Fatigue (akin to stress) through combat, PvP, etc. their rating goes up and they incur more wounds. Only way to lower their fatigue is to go to a Cantina and listen to the band so to speak (or whoever is on stage) which will lower it. The performers gain xp this way through listeners/watchers. A strange system I guess but surprisingly popular considering how many peeps hang out in the Cantinas all day.
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