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Sweet Rice?


28 Aug 2003
I just got back from our local Asian Market. I bought a bag of sweet rice.
What....or ....How do I use it or prepare it?
Make mochi! Cook the rice then pound, pound, pound it (and after it's pounded into a sticky mass, then fold and pound, like kneading bread dough).
Sweet rice is not Japanese, I believe. I have never heard of it before and asking my Japanese husband, he had never either.

To make mochi we use mochigome, a special kind of sticky rice. If you plan to pound by hand, expect it to take a looooong time and be exhausted when you're finished!!!
Mochi Gome

On the package it says: Sweet Rice.... Mochi Gome.

I have found a recipe for mochi, but I dont know if I have what it takes to make it...LOL.. I understand that there is alot of pounding involved. And I dont have anything that would work for that either I think. Maybe I'll buy a mortor and Pestle and give it a try. Maybe.

Till then, still wondering what else I can do with this small bag of Mochi Gome.

Thanks for the replies!!!
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