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Surf Resort with Japanese guests- need translations


6 Jul 2018
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I am an Australian chef. I have opened a nice Surfing resort and a lot of our guests are Japanese.
I would like to find assistance for my instagram, website and other things. Its not much. but, finding someone is so hard. I have hired a few people using online freelance work systems. Maybe I can find some genuine people to help. have a look, it's a really cool place. Not for everyone as it is so remote and the commercial flights won't start for a year or 2.

I only need the following translated for now- my insta bio.
"Beachfront Surf Resort, Krui, Lampung, Sumatra. Great accommodation & chef's cooking... Come and bring your vibe"

mandiribreak.com . insta: @mandiribreaksurfcamp
***This is not a promotion. I doubt there will be any surfers on this site, lol, I am adding my website and insta because I think its cool and I want to be transparent with jref members****
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