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Supremly Angered


30 Apr 2002
:angryfire This is NOT EVEN RIGHT!!!
The only way I can see most of my daily anime requirement is via cartoon network....well, now they've envoked my wrath...
maybe they'll replace it with GT later but that's Not THE POINT!!!!THEY TOOK AWAY MY DBZ!!!MY VEGETA!!!HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!am I the only one angered by this!?
Have a web site ??

Cartoon Network may have a web site you can complain to or they may have moved them to another time or channel and the website might know.

Ha ha ha... anger doesn't bring back Vegeta to you....

but you can prolly find tons of anime to satisfy your anime-craving on newsgroups, P2Ps... etc....
yeah yeah get bit torrent and you can download fansubbed anime, sometimes as quick as 2 weeks after its original air date in japan. there are still plenty of dragon ball sites and link. its better if you have a high speed connection, the average episode filesize is 170mb.
well its already been running here, on cartoon network, for years and they've completed the series for DBZ they were also showing dragon ball and CN may even start up GT
ya i'm pissed too, toonami is full of american crap cartoons now. and i have to get up in the morning at 6 everyday, i cant watch adult swim till 2 A.M. this blows, but i was more angry when they took the anime adult swim off saturday nights. wait i'm still mad at that, dam cartoon network y cant they ever listen to wat their viewers want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is what happens when depending on american companies for anime
what's even more funny is that they are starting to re-release dbz? according to the displays in asobit city (big cardboard piccolos...)
ya i think they r cuz the first hundred or so episodes were by the canadian voice actors and they sucked (in my opinion). and after that hopfully they'll make a full dbz box set (unedited) and i'll get that for sure!
Re: Have a web site ??

Originally posted by Frank D. White
Cartoon Network may have a web site you can complain to or they may have moved them to another time or channel and the website might know.


Frank's suggestion actually works. When CN Brazil took away Rurouni Kenshin and Sailor Moon, I complained so much that they've brought them back on Saturday nights (11 pm ~ 3 am: 5 episodes of RK + 4 of SM). Sugoi ne!👏
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I was in Montreal...they show DBZ and Dragonball...as well as Inu Yasha...but the channel I watched when I was there was in English....they also have Beyblade, Hamtaro, Pokemon pretty much the ones that we have here....but like I said they had one channel that showed cartoons in English and the others were in French....
that channel was Y-TV. cool u were in montreal my mom lives 45 min from there.
Y-Tv was about the only channel I watched....I watched Vrak TV every once in a while...but mostly stuck with what I knew
i hate vrack and teletoon, but thats prob cuz were i used to live we only got the french version. I hate how Y-tv makes all the anime shows (and every show for that matter) look stupid in there dumb commercials.
Yeah the commericals are pretty dumb...but well Inu Yasha is pretty much uneffected by it because they show it so late at night...and well it goes to show you that it doesn't matter if it's playing on Canadian TV or American....either way they still manage to ruin it and make it look lame...so either way it's not a win win situation....
teletoon is horrible...they show really stupid cartoons...watching the simpsons and family guy in French nearly made me lose my mind...and then the lame cartoons that they show later on the "Ren and Stimpyesq" cartoons...those were horrid....
I know what you mean... when I first came here, I thought 'hey, there's actually some awesome anime in Cartoon Network!' but then one by one animes disappeared and me and my sister were so disturbed that we actually wrote a letter to cartoon network asking them what's their problem... but there are still good animes in adult swim... so yeah... still sad, I cant see Naruto...:(
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