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Super Ping Pong


10 Apr 2004
Hello guys,

I've always like Japanese TV, specially their game shows. You can enjoy and laugh along with them even if you don't understand much of what they say.

Here i found this clip of a ping pong match. This is a game show where people compete to be the most creative.

(Just click of the blue words in brackets.)

This ping pong match shows exactly how creative some of them can be.

Really good.
Seen it before... any chance of getting the other poeple on the show? There was some other good ones
Wow, I never knew Ping Pong could get that hardcore, but all I can say is that one guy has some mad skillz! :box:
Its from a show where people make a small skit and its judged on originality and amusment. This group won first prize for the night.

Was a group of post officer workers if i remember right.
normal match

Ewok85 said:
That second video looks like an exhibition match, very nicely done :D

"exhibition match"? you mean the match was a choreographed show?

I think it was just a normal ping pong match. What happened was just natural reactions.
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