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Super Bowl XXXVIII

Who will win Super Bowl XXXVIII

  • Carolina Panthers!

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  • New England Patriots!

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Now Josh Groban's singing "You Raise Me Up," with the STS-114 staff, a Youth Gospel Choir in the background.
Y.A. Tittle (whoever the hell that old geezer is) has flipped the coin, Carolina wins, elects to receive...and we're underway.
Vinatieri missed an easy 31-yarder. His leg must be betrying him right now. My high school's kicker can make it from that distance, and from that angle, no less!

Everybody's free to contribute to this Super Bowl thread, Keiichi, so don't worry.
...oh noooo...not in here too!! :eek:
I'm here, I should go to bed (it's allmost 3 a.m here), but dunno if it's going to work...my bf is sitting on the sofa shouting and yelling, watching super bowl.. :/ Explaining all the stuff to me like I'd understand..or even be interested...oh man..what's so fascinating in it? me-don't-understand .. :)
Halftime. Carolina got a last-second FG.

New England 14
Carolina 10

Some photos from the action:

Reliant Stadium

Josh Groban

Jake Delhomme, grounded!

Jake Delhomme, in action!
More photos:

QB Tom Brady, hands off to RB Antowain Smith.

RB Kevin Faulk of the Patriots, stopped by Panther safety Mike Minter.

Some of the Carolina fans:

Did you just realize that the roadies and groupies (of whom I have connections with) have bands on their arms? That's so that they are given priority appearance there, that they are allowed to be on the field as VIPs.
And the University of Houston's drumline gets its groove on! Now here comes Justin, Brit's ex, on stage!

Not a bad halftime show...I'd give it a 8 out of 10 overall though, as my groupie friends leave Reliant in a hurry.

The crowd in the seats knew that they had seen this before. Nothing surprising. Lip-synching, tacky pyrotechnics, backup dancers gyrating from bungee cords...nothing unique, really. :sick:
Nelly, his dancers, and P. Diddy are Carolina fans, too. ;)

Here are some more pictures from the game.

Adam Vinatieri, a disgusted look on his face. The jinx continues...

New England's fans revel in their team's TD.

Patriot WR Deion Branch, celebrating a TD reception.

QB Tom Brady and C Dan Koppen celebrate another TD in the 2nd quarter.
I realize how excited you must be but I really don't think we need the play-by-play commentary re: every little detail do we? You've made 18 posts just on the 1st half alone and I really don't want to read through another 18 more... Could you please save your comments for AFTER the game? Thanks.
Note that that those 18 posts also included the halftime show, IC-san.:)

End 3rd

New England 14
Carolina 10

The Pats are knocking on the doorstep right now...
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