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Summer in Japan


15 Apr 2002
Summer in Japan,

Is marked with several signs.

1.) the rainy season [tsuyu] which occurs in the Southern parts (or Western if you think in Japanese ;) ) Later followed by really humid days. In Osaka, while waiting for the light to change you break out in a sweat.

2.) Typhoons, we're currently on number 10. The typhoons are given a number rather than like Hurricanes which are given female names

3.) [semi] a cicada type of bug which fills the summer air with their "bzzzzbzzzz zzzz bzzzz bzzz" chirp

4.) children catching [kabuto and kuwagata mushi] these humungous beetle things. They're big! Well, big enough not to freak mothers.

5.) beer commercials and beer gardens (great fun to drink outside with hundreds of other rowdy drunks)

6.) koshien -- the all Japan high school baseball finals

7.) of course, most of the country has various fireworks displays and [matsuri] (festivals).

8.) Tube, the preannual band which releases a new song ever summer. They're really not that good, but without them summer wouldn't be summer.

I love the sound of semi.
Well, soon it will be summer again, and instead of starting a new thread, I decided to revamp this old one.

Summer in Japan means various things to me, too.

Of course the omnipresent sound of the cicada is strangely soothing (although right now it's the sound of the frogs that I am enjoying quite a bit.)

Koshien, whether you watch it or not, is one of the best things about summer! There'S such drama, and it's so refreshing to see the students dream and work hard!

Bar-B-Q Doing it yourself outside just can'T be beat!

O-bon With all its festivals and fireworks.


Dancing Here in Aichi there are dancing festivals all over the place! I never thought dancing could be fun till I came to Japan!

The icy sound of FUULIN, the little bells that take the place for AC. At least at my place. I have an AC, but I don't like to use it.

Kakegoori Like a snowcone, but more natural and EVERYWHERE!
Oh yes. . .I just love the summer in Japan sooooo much--of course I like summer just about anywhere. The things that summer in Japan 'Japanese' are things that will almost always be with me, when I think of Summer in Japan.

My eyes kind of opened up wide when I saw the title, and then immediately noticed the thread starter (before checking the OP date) because I had started a thread last August with exactly the same title. . .wow. . . but anyway you look at it, summer in Japan is great !!! I can't wait for the peak of the action !!
Ahh~ summer :) I can't wait for the cicadas and the matsuris. Arakawa-ku gonna have one this weekend :) Tennou matsuri~ Tho I always wanted to go to the big one and also the one with hanabi. Man, I wish I know where to find one :D And FUJI-SAN~~ finally this coming natsuyasumi :)
Mikawa Ossan said:
We should have a Jref gathering this summer!

I'm right with you on that one !! Late September is great too !! (although we have to dodge typhoons)
I arrived in japan last fall, so this is my first summer in japan. Everyone tells me It's miserably hot here, but we'll see. And I'm in for a JREF gathering!
Wow Japanese really into the festival thinggy. Carrying those heavy wooden thing, and shouting wassho~ :D Its all over the place, at least 5+ nearby my home right now tonight. At first I was pretty dissapointed too see how small it is this morning, I mean all kids :). But the fun really starts after noon, and i got to carry those too + all the people in my dorm, got a bruise on my shoulder and a huge smile on my face :D heavy as heck but freaking fun.
And at the night is where all the big boys come out to play :D just WOW... and I get to do it all over again tomorow :D Never knew there was this kind of festival also, I thought it's always by the temple with people all wearing yukata catching goldfish, and hanabi. (exposure from anime and movie, sad i know). Woa.. Me needs more matsuri, never been this happy before.
The only time I was in Japan in Summer was for a week and there were no festivals nearby (that we knew of)... I would love to experience that! The closest I've come was a small "It's the begininng of Spring!" thing at a nearby Temple. That's where I caught my pet turtle, Sencha.

Though I must admit, it's ALREADY too hot for me in Tokyo..and it's only June. I almost died last time (End of July-Start of August) Must be because I'm Canadian..

I'm not much of a Summer person, I guess. =/
The "dreadful" rainy season is coming up (don't forget to ventilate your rooms and prevent mold and mildew!), which will be followed by hot, muggy summer. For those who are used to cooler climates and those who do not have the benefit of air conditioner in your house, it is going to be an experience.

It's not all bad--there will be colorful summer festivals around Japan. For those of you in the Tokyo area, there are the annual Hoozuki-ichi (Asakusa) and Asagao-ichi (Iriya) in the shitamachi area. They are sights to see, even if you don't plan to buy any Chinese lanterns or morning glories. They take place during the first week of July:
This website has other events and festivals taking place in Tokyo and Yokohama:
Local municipalities have their own summer festivals and events that are not announced widely. Especially, in the shitamachi area, there are very nice traditional festivals held on small scale. Check out your local government website and municipal news bulletins! 👍
(If information is not available in English, try asking a neighbor...😌 )
Ahhh, Japanese summers.

All the things I enjoyed have already been mentioned from high school baseball to festivals and fireworks.

Thinking back on it, I wonder how I survived through 12 Japanese summers before I had my first "air-con"! It didn't seem so bad at the time and today, being spoiled with air conditioning everywhere, I wonder if I could handle it. A lot of cold mugi-cha, iced coffees, and cold beers were consumed in the process.

I did dislike travelling on the trains before air conditiong was introduced as it was so uncomfortable especially during the rainy season when the windows couldn't be opened. Man was it murder during rush hour.

And walking to or from the train station or wherever was murder as when you finally relaxed from the walking you sweated more profusely.

Back then, a small oscillating floor fan seemed to do the trick and I think I was quite comfortable sleeping at night.

The one thng that particularly brings back very distinct memories of Japanese summers is the smell of a katori senko (mosquito incense coil). It reminds me of sitting on the floor at a small table on a warm humid evening with the fan blowing, a cold beer sweating in the can or glass while watching baseball on TV under a floursecent light.

These days I still use the green katori senko coils here in the states in the summer to bring back those fond memories.
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