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15 Nov 2002
Does anybody know why sakamoto kyu's song: Ue wo muite aruko is known in the west as Sukiyaki?

I think if we could figure out the mystery behind the reasoning behind this then all of the mysteries of the universe will start to make sense for once....or it may give us the answer behind the answer of 42.....or not.....

When they promoted the song in the U.S. in 1963 (?) they were looking for a catchy J-word that even rednecks could identify as Japanese. There's also a German version from the 60s sung by two Japanese, with the same title of course. Schtupid.

scary logic.....

:D amazing they didn't end up calling it chop suey back then....most folks I've dealt with in the '60's didn't know the difference between Chinese and Japanese.... :D
good point about them not knowing the difference and not carring at that time. even now, most people don't care but wiil respect where your from to at least look. they were looking for something easy for the common american monkey to be able to say. the japanese title was too difficult for us americans
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