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Suitable omiyage

Ben W Bell

13 Sep 2004
Okay, I've not gotten some information on my host family, so need to decide what gifts to bring over for them. Any thoughts on this?

The head of the household is a photographer whose hobbies include computers, photography (obviously), cars and cycling and is learning French. His wife is learning Korean. Neither particularly like chocolate. 7 year old girl who likes drawing pictures. 4 year old boy who likes trains and cars. 2 year old girl who likes Winnie the Pooh.

Now the father I'm thinking of a nice photo book of the county of Kent in England (where I currently reside) with as little text as possible (as I haven't been able to find a Japanese language version). For the 2 year old, we are blessed with having a Winnie the Pooh shop in Canterbury so I'll have to see what I can pick up there. As for the rest though, any thoughts or ideas? I appreciate all the advice you can give.

Also when should I give these gifts and under what circumstances?
your gift ideas sound good. Things that are distinctly from your country/area are sure to be a hit; I would wait to present the gifts until maybe your first or second dinner together with them (at the house).
Ah, unfortunately I don't get dinner there, just breakfast. I'll probably have dinner there a couple of times but it's not part of the homestay there.
well, I just meant that you shouldn't like hand it to them when you walk in the door; at least talk to them for a while before giving it to them. You should be enjoying their company so much that you forgot you brought them gifts (or at least act the part).
Basic omiyage which a Japanese tourist buys in the U.K.
They buy whiskey, tea, jam, a cookie, chocolate in Fortnum & Mason.
However, I can buy these in Japan.😌
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