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George L.

9 Jan 2004
I have been working on this graphic for a while now and just finish the...I guess you could call it the beta version...I know this isn't a graphic forum or anything, but I wanted some views from everyone, not just graphic designers...so if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement it would be much appreciated! Thanks, guys and I hope you enjoy the graphic:

Here is a link to the full image...the one above is scaled down slightly to fit better in the forums.


I look forward to your comments 🙂
If you like this graphic, my portfolio is located here:


I can do that for my next graphic perhaps...but for this one the problem with a variety of colors is the "material" of the objects are transparent and the blending doesn't usually do well...next time I will use solid objects and do several colors...I might just use blue and red.

:) Thanks for the comments.
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