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suggestions please...


4 Oct 2003
I've noticed that under my name it says 'regular member', which is a bit dull compared to the likes of 'The crazy old guy!', so I think it's about time I thought of something to put there...but I'm too lazy and unimaginative so I'll let you guys do it :D

So - suggestions please! And be nice! :D .....
well maybe for this hour... then again you can always change it when something better is posted.
You're underestimating my laziness! It's taken me nearly a year to get round to changing it for the first time...!

'The force is strong with this one!' is good too! I do THE worst Yoda impression ever; it's amazing!
[Well since I have G4 classified information I think i will throw out something....]


HA HA!!! I dare any to beat that!!!
"What do I look like, some guy who's not lazy?"

maybe that's too long.

"I'm so lazy I...finish my sentence"

"Bon Jovial" <-- yeah, I like puns
The more I think about it the more it sounds like I have an 'unusual penis' to use a couple of synonyms... :D
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