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Suggestions, ideas, complaints, anyone?


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14 Mar 2002
If you happen to have suggestions and ideas on how to improver our services or in case you are seriously unhappy with features on our site, please do not hesitate to post your opinion here. A bit of constructive criticism won't harm! ;)
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Your contribution has already added a lot of activism to our boards, thanks!
As a reference page, we are using this forum mainly to reproduce and "save" articles on topics related to Japan. If an occasional visitor finds such compendiums useful, we've already reached our aim. And if one of these occasional visitors dares to post some feedback, the better! ;)
Uh oh...

Ok. This seemed to be quite a resourceful site a couple days ago, when I copied and printed out some Japanese conversational phrases to study. But when I met my visiting Japanese 22-year-old friend she was not impressed. I am not totally sure how some of the parses were incorrect, but she would find quite a few phrases and say "not right" or shake her head no. When she said "good job" to me in Japanese I recognized it and pointed out the phrase in the list to show her that I have been studying it. She pointed out that the vowels were incorrect and the word was not correct. Slightly embarrassed, I promptly dropped the list into the trashcan.

Sorry to bear bad news, but I suggest you check your content while I go somewhere and find Japanese conversational phrases.
Hi Lisa, and welcome to the forum!

Forgive me, but I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. As far as I know, Japanreference.com does not offer "Japanese conversational phrases to study". We are not a language site, but an online directory focusing on Japanese online resources.

Slightly embarrassed, I promptly dropped the list into the trashcan.
I also don't know about any list offered on this site.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced, but how exactly does this relate to our web site? Please enlighten us.

Did you use anything that posted? If yes, would you please post back so that I can make any corrections to my post.

Really sorry that your friend wasn't impressed. It's hard to learn through reading for pronunciation.

Don't let this experience dampen your Japanese studies, that would definitely be disappointing.

good luck with learning Japanese.
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