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Suggestion for admin. Vote feature mod


5 Oct 2003

I would like to suggest a change to the gateway page presented to visitors who click the Topsites banner on our websites. I have noticed from my stats that the banner is being clicked but votes are not being cast. I expect the back button is being used.

Presently, visitors are taken to a page with a small ad and one button which reads "vote for the site you've just seen". I propose this is not adequate. I will explain:

Like most members, I do not explain or give instructions on Topsites, I just place the (very handsom) banner on pages. Imagine you are a visitor who clicks this banner expecting to find another website, maybe a list of websites, as the name "Topsites" implies. Instead you see an ad (not related to Japan) and a vote button with no indication of what will happen when you click it, why you should click it, or any other way out. You are cornered. The path of least resistance often becomes the browser back button.

Instead please consider something like this: A gateway page with a headline that reads "Topsites Japan - The best Japan websites on the net. To enter please consider voting for the site you have just seen" and below two buttons; one which reads "Vote for site" and the other "No thanks, just let me in"

This explains where they are going and gives them a choice. People do not like being cornered. Even if no vote is cast, the community may benefit from more visitors.

Anyone else?
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