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Subaru Impreza facelift


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15 Mar 2002
At the Paris Motorshow Subaru presented the new Impreza model.

The nose has undergone quite some change with a modified bumper area, a larger air-intake and they have done away with the dopey looking headlights from the last model.
This version finally looks ferocious again.

Prices and specs are not yet known, but i heard this one will have 230 hp instead of the 218 hp of the current version.


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Heh, somebody mentions a bad *** and he wants to see a rear end...

Well, the rear end not as brutal as the front.


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I'm not sure how to explain this picture...

I think this version will only be available in Japan.


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hmm ... something to wrap around a telephone pole.

Oh that's right telephones in Japan are different.
Telephone poles are built of cement and upon impact will explode into small pieces (well small enough not hurt someone seriously) so that when they fall they don't cause too much damage. The pole will most likely proceed to fall straight down and harpoon the ground so to say and thereby not toppling over and taking down telephone and pwer lines too.

I showed up at a scene like this just a few minutes after the accident. Some kid probably lost control of his impressa and sheered off a fire hydrant and drove straight through a cement telephone poll. Impressive engineering I'd say.
That doesn't stop me from wanting one.

You know what would be cool? My Terios with 230 hp. People don't expect that. :)
I just bought an Impreza WRX last month, and I love it. I love the way it looks. I am not too fond of the new design. It is too soon...and plus, it looks like a Honda. I have nothing against Hondas, but if I wanted a car that looked like a Honda, I'd buy a Honda.
Well, Moyashi, a Terios does have four wheeldrive and it's quite hard to get the car into a slide. If it does slide, it does it on all wheels.
Of course 230 hp is a bit much compared to the standard 83 hp, but a bit more straight line acceleration is always welcome.
Taking a turn with full speed would probably tip the car over... :)
hehe, just like the Samurai would do. Nader had fun with killing another good car.

Ahh, the all important straight line passing acceleration. I know what you mean!
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