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6 Sep 2003
You people post some stupid questions in this "Japanese Language" forum. here are some of my thoughts:

1. if you want a japanese teacher, for gods sake go out and get one and stop asking for help online.
2. if you don't know how to pronounce something, see above and go and get a japanese teacher or find a native who can teach you. no one online can tell you anymore than what your book already does on how to pronounve ra ri ru re ro and fu, so get over it!
3. anyone who types the particle は as 輪 should be shot and/or ignored. I've seen it been done a few times now.

i have more, but those are the main ones. anybody agree with my thoughts??
That is completely uncalled for. Everybody has the right to ask for help, and if somebody has specific questions about pronounciation and somebody on the forum thinks he or she can clear it up, then...by all means.

That's what an online reference forum is for.

One of the worse things a person does in a forum is lose control and start calling other people names. When you have a large group like this forum of different age groups, different cultures and backgrounds, different education levels, newbies and old time members a lot of things can irritate. I see things that drive me nuts, but just skip to another post or leave the forum to do something else. The times I jump in and say something snide, I usually end up with my foot in my mouth and feel bad ! I've learned most people have a way they think and it can be impossible to get your ideas through to them.

Many of the posts that seem dumb or uninteresting go unanswered & I think that seems more polite then jumping in and saying "Hey jerk, that was stupid" etc.There are people who think like professors, politicians, military, ultra-liberal, ultra-conservative, religiously, culturally; so many different ways then I do, my mind gets boggled reading some of the posts.Trying to get someone to believe your way is the right way can be very frustrating at time and cause tempers to flare and name calling to start.The old Rodney King saying"Can't we all just get along" would be happier way to go.


Locked and done.

okeari man, this is a forum to help others learn about Japanese culture and language. hence the name "japanreference.com"
just because others don't know as much as you do, doesn't give you the right to call their questions stupid. I'm sure you've asked some stupid questions about the Japanese language in your day. If certain things annoy you so much, I suggest you ignore them. Consider this your first warning,
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