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3 Oct 2003
Hello There Japan Fans.....

well i need a little help here......

I'm planning to study in japan....but i'm still unsure about how much money i have to prepare for studying there.......and the basic things are....how can I get a college there....

so i'm hopefully somebody give me information about it.....
and for foreigner student please share your experience to me....

Thank you......

Thanks for the links budd.....i really apreciate it......i'll check it out......
Re: i'm just gonna link

Originally posted by budd
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check these?
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waseda/oregon ain't the only one, but it was the quickest one i could think of

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You must call to the japanese ambassy in your country FuriX (I think it is Poland) they could give you better information than us
I'm trying to organize something similar myself. I'm trying to get some working experience as a trainee, but I first was thinking of studying in Japan.

Meiji Lythis said the most important tip - Contact your "local" embassy of Japan. There you will find lots of tips and help, and they will assist you with the visas etc. If they can't directly help you, they propably know where you can find help.
For example I e-mailed the japanese embassy here in Helsinki, about these traineeship issues, and I soon got an answer where they gave me e-mail addresses where I could get help.

You should also contact your school (or if you're not studying,maybe some local schools/universities could still help), because they might have some contacts to japanese schools. I don't know if you have this in Poland, but we have a place called CIMO (Center for International Mobility,Etusivu). They are there to help and guide in international issues...I hope you have something like this too, they are a big help. Good luck in getting to Japan...I wish the same for myself too ;)
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