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Studying Animation in Japan

Ahmed Thabet

20 Feb 2017

Hello , Kindly I want to ask about studying animation in japan , this is my dream . it is possible or not and if it possible what are the requirements and qualifications . please if anyone can help or advice me of trying or enrolled in this
Dear Mike
Thanks for your fast response , about your question my answer is nothing but I will take japanese course soon but it is possible to study innjapan and what level of japanese needs
Why does it have to be Japan? It takes years to become proficient at Japanese, so wouldn't it be much more time-efficient to find an animation school in Egypt instead?
Dear lanthas

I know that i will take years to learn japanese , but I asked if it possible to study for student from outside japan if they are profeesional in japanese , and there is now school in egypt to study animation
Yes, it is possible for a student from outside Japan to study animation in Japan. It will take you several years to learn Japanese well enough to do it.

When your Japanese is good enough to google information about the schools in Japanese, then it will be time to start looking for schools. Until then, work very hard on learning Japanese. Good luck to you.
Yes it's possible.
All you need is money and 4-6 years of your life. If you have money, then you can enroll at a Japanese language school and then a technical school or university to study animation. After 4-6 years you'll be out and ready to start looking for an entry-level job.
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