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17 Dec 2003
Hey everyone,

Im new here and thougth this site/forum looked pretty good. Im thinking (about 99% sure) about studying abroad next Fall in Japan. I would be going to the Shizuoka area b/c my school has a sister shool there. Just wondering if anyone could give me a little insight as to what type of city it is or there experiences. Im looking for all things like nightlife, sports, people etc...

I don't live in Shizuoka but I know Shizuoka is famous for tea and unagi(eels). The weather there is quite mild throughout the year. It doesn't snow much and can be pretty hot in summer. Make sure you visit Hamanako where they make loads of stuff out of eels for omiyage(survenirs). Next to Shizuoka is Aichi which is way bigger and has Nagoya as its capital city. Nagoya has a population of over a million and decent rail way system and a lot of shopping spots. I'm sure you will end up going there when you get bored in Shizuoka which is very likely. Another thing about Shizoka is that football(soccer) is very popular in that area and has produced quite a few national team members suck as Nakyama. The dialect they speak there isn't that different from the standard one, so you won't find it too hard to adjust the way they speak Japanese there. They do have some wierd expressions but unlike the people in Osaka, they don't use them in front of outsiders I believe. My cousins who live in that area (Nagoya to be exact) used to make fun of me by talking to me in their dialect knowing I wouldn't understand what they were talking about and I got my revenge talking them back in my dialect which is Osaka ben.
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