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Studying + a Dependent Visa for spouse

11 Sep 2006
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Hello everyone! :)
I'm hoping to attend a Japanese art university in the next year or so and am trying to find information about getting a visa for my husband to stay in Japan while I study. Since he does not yet have a bachelor's degree, I plan to apply for some sort of spouse visa.
From what I can decipher on http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/04.html#a , my husband can get a 'Dependent Visa' to stay in Japan while I study at my university (under 'General Visa' - {b} Statuses of residence not permitting work)... but I also see that, according to the chart, a person with a Dependent visa is unable to work during their stay.
I assume that this means that my husband will not be able to work full time in Japan with a Dependent visa, but am not sure if part time work is similarly not allowed. What confuses me is that a 'College Student' visa is also listed under "Statuses of residence not permitting work." Since I have studied in Japan before and was able to work part time during my studies, I was wondering if people with visas for dependents are also able to work part time.
Since the extra income of a part time job could help out a lot with the costs of school, I'm hoping there is a way for my husband to work while I'm in school. Any information on the subject would be much appreciated!
Thank you! 🙂
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