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Study/Work in Japan


23 Jul 2014
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I'm 17, a rising senior in high school.

It's true, I have not worked before. In fact, I've been looking into doing local internships as a possible means to expand my experience and beef up for the college apps (I have the grades for better schools, and will be applying to universities such as Pepperdine, Claremont McKenna, Loyola Marymount, USC, etc). In case you're wondering how I managed to find this degree, in my interest with economics, I began to go with my father to his fully-employed classes at Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business. Some of the professors allowed me to sit in for many classes and get access to the materials they were using (for example, I've downloaded and read through a couple PRS reports for personal interest), and one even invited me to attend his symposium for Pepperdine. I attended and was thrilled at the experience and idea of using business to enter the global community (being a "Cosmopolitan Citizen," as Pankaj Ghemawat calls it).

I just started Japanese this year, and in about two months time have nearly completed an course which I've often heard compared to about a year's worth of Japanese. I can't speak for knowing an extensive amount of kanji or vocab, it's largely grammar that I know. I do not know where I will go in terms of continuing my Japanese after I complete the course, but I am looking into enrolling into a Japanese 102 course at a local community college in the fall, depending on if I find my time to be better spent doing internships and job shadows, school-based clubs, or focusing extensively on Japanese (I already have college-level Spanish under my belt, if that serves any good for selling myself as a global-minded individual. I do sincerely love learning about new cultures and languages though.)

Sorry, I know that is long. I hope that establishes a sort of foundation to be worked with. And thank you, in advanced, for any insight.
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