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Study explains why your family stinks

Nice link!

Very interesting explains why too Japanese Fathers have a reputation for having smelly feet.
I think most guys have smelly feet...to me, feet are icky.

did you know that your feet hav 25% more sweat glands than any other part of you body???
Very interesting!!!

I would have to agree with the experts on this one, siblings oudours ect,🙂

At school,we all done a perfume test, I beleive it was "channel parfume" each student springled the purfume on our arms and did this for a few days, each students arm had a different odour, due to sweat glans and perspiration, not one student found the smell of thier own arm nice or even resembling the parfume, but each others were nice and fragranced, later I performed this test on two of my sisters and two of my close friends, I found my sisters fragerance less appealing than that of my friends, same parfume, same amounts, only difference was the people useing it🙂
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