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Student visa question


8 Dec 2013
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I was accepted to a Japanese university as a first year student, and I just found out that the immigration says you need 27.000e minimum in order to get a 2 year visa. This amount seems a little excessive...I have about 10.000e myself, and I would receive about 21.000e student money plus loan over two years from my home country. My university's officer said that I should be fine since I would get the needed amount over 2 years, however I've heard that you need to have that amount at the moment when you apply for the visa.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge about this?My family don't want to be a financial guarantor, so I'm all by myself on this...


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20 Aug 2003
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I am surprised that you found that immigration set a monetary limit. Every school has its own tuition amount, so it's hard to imagine immigration saying that. Basically, all I can find is that you must be able to pay all tuition fees, period.
Table.3 Supporting Documents
It says you must provide:
"Documents certifying that the person concerned can defray all the expenses incurred during the stay in Japan. In cases where the expenses incurred during the stay in Japan are defrayed by another person, who intends to defray all the expenses, and documents showing the process why he or she intends to defray all the expenses for the person concerned required."

On another site (Japanese Law Translation of the immigration policy) it says:
"(ii) The applicant must have sufficient assets, scholarships, or other means of support to meet his/her expenses while in Japan; provided, however, that this shall not apply to cases where someone else is to pay the applicant's expenses."

Ask the school to confirm that they have done this before with the amount you have been told.
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