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12 Jul 2003
What do you do when you're stressed? ::arghh:: I get stressed out a lot. (although right now it's mostly due to spanish/geometry)
Shoot Holes In Something !!

If you've got somewhere you can go target shooting a cheap 22 caliber gun is cheap to shoot. Just think of something you hate and fill it full of holes. Seeing clay pigions blow up into pieces make you feel so good !!

I usually take a drive in my car, playing some heavy metal music. :D

Actually, stress is nothing more then a state of mind. You can snap out of it quite easily. Just take your time with the things you have to do and make priority lists.
Try meditation.
I take a bath and read a book(with a glass of wine is perfect!). Taking my mind off whatever I'm stressing about by reading or watching my favourite comedy really helps. ;)
Gah! Stress! I seem to be stressed out more than usual these days with kids starting school, kids getting sick, me getting sick. It's really getting old fast! :(

Anyway, I tend to do kind of the same thing that Twisted does. I either get in my car with one of my special compilation CDs and ride around or I get on my treadmill or take a walk outside with my mp3 blasting in my ears. It's amazing what an mp3 player, headphones, and maximum volume can do for stress. It takes me away from it all. The exercise is also very good for stress.

My husband used to tell me to just sit in one place, close my eyes, and think about nothing for 5 minutes. I have managed to do it once or twice--and it helps--but it's very difficult.
Don't fret kirei_na_me. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! I'm terribly stressed out too with many deadlines to meet in school (especially my thesis!!!)
I agree that exercise really helps. That's what i do... walk my stress away. Or i go to karaoke ... pick the song I'LL SURVIVE and sing my heart out....
yeah walking is great!!! especially if something has really upset me and made me really mad I'll take a brisk walk around the block. refreshing!

Just after I wrote the other post about taking a bath, hubby called out that he had run me a bath and I found a lovely bath filled with rose petals, a candle, a glass of beer and the book I'm reading!(the last 3 were on the side, not IN the bath...) ahhh heaven!!! who ever said J-men can't be romantic!!!
well I usally listen to a cd or go for a walk, but right now it's hard not to think of school. I've gooten my first C's on my prgress report. Ah well I should probably just as for help again. ^__^ thanks for the sugestions. I'll probably try most of them.
i hardly ever get stessed out, i general im relaxed about almost everything. i guess its how i choose to look at things.
so koran, to put things in a different perspective, let me ask you this; how will a couple of Cs on a progress report effect the rest of your life?
Originally posted by jeisan
i hardly ever get stessed out, i general im relaxed about almost everything. i guess its how i choose to look at things.

Let me in on your secret, jeisan, please. I need it now... *sigh*
i think a lot of what stresses people out are little things. mostly things that wont even matter tomorrow, much less the rest of your life. think about the bigger picture and dont sweat the small stuff. on the other hand dont worry about whats gonna happen 20 years from now and dont spend your life working for something that by the time you finally can enjoy it you arent able/dont want to do those things any more. i know its kinda contridictory, but try to live for today knowing that youll have plenty of time for fun later as well. just enjoy life and try to experience as much as you can while you're here, without fretting about small things which will have little to no influence on your life as a whole.
Originally posted by nzueda
I take a bath and read a book.

That's my favourite remedy too! Which is also the reason why most of my books get soaked. :)
good point ^^ a couple of C's won't matter eventually, but grades are so important to me. It's an odd mentality I have.
I like to go for a bike ride. After an hour and a half on the bike, I forget everything. (sometimes my way back home.) Another stress reliever is a history of painting book. i breathe deeply and get lost in the masterpieces! A good novel works also. and Jack Johnson-Brushfire Fairytales.
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