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STREET FIGHTER !!! >> This is cool!


19 Jun 2003
Hehe I think Street Fighter really ruleZ!!! so I've made this thread! Post everything fitting to SF!


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Ahhh........Street Fighter......what do I have to say.

Street Figher brings back so many good memories. I think it's the best fighting game ever!!!! I still play super street fighter on the genesis with my brother all the time.

The street fighter movie with jean-claude van damme was kind of lame, but the TV show was much better.

Now back to the street fighter game. By far my favorite character is Feilong and then it would be Ryu because he is sooo hard to beat.

What are your favorite street fighter characters, Himura?
they have a hong kong movie about street fighter, its far better than the hollywood version. its called "future cop" and i havent been able to find it in the states. i saw it in australia when i was there last.
Let's not forget about the ultimate parody of Street Fighter in a film... during one of the big fight scenes in Jackie Chan's movie "City Hunter". I remember tears flooding my eyes... that scene was way too hilarious!

@ =w=eezer: well, my fav is Ryu! He has a cool Karate-Style, but yeah, right! Feilong is really cool as well => I love his Jeet Kune do-like style! and his Flamekick 👍 (and he was fast as hell^^)
I have been playing Street Fighter since when I was 6 or 7,
that was when my father bought the Super Nintendo as my birthday present,I used to play Street Fighter for hours everyday...I was addicted.haha

my favourite character to use,is always,Ryu
YEAH! Akuma is cool... but Ryu still rulez... 👍
has anyone ever played "Super Puzzle Fighter"??? I love it^^


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Super Puzzle Fighter is a great game... very silly and very addicting. But then I'm a ****** for those "Columns" style puzzle games... Puyo Puyo, the Sakura Taisen Columns game, the Tokimeki Memorial Columns game... I love 'em all!

I think a better question is who doesnt like Ryu?. I think the only time he was challenged was by the Guile fad of 1994 (silly Guile...)

Streetfigher used to be the way we settled arguments. I bought the original Street fighter 2, and I still play it. My friend was the only person I knew who could do Zangeif's spinning pile driver on Vega. I remember real fights occrred when somebody tried to up their handicap when the game started and the other player wasn't looking. there was a no cheap rule of using Ryu with a combiation of Haduken/Shoryuken over and over again. We also used it to solve arguments, but often it just made it worse.
Hehe.... yes...I know such situations....
well... seems that I'm making this thread to a gif-gallery of street fighter... :confused:
By the way...If someone wants some Animated gifs of street fighter just ask me, I got a few hundred^^


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about 2 years ago,(I have not played SF for years before that)

in my friend's house,with his friends who are older than me,
they came up with the idea of 'going back to the old days'
so they brought out this Super Nintendo and the SF II game.
we were playing something like winner stays,losers out,another person come up.

they played a couple of rounds,I was watching,
and then I said 'let me play it',
the guy said 'this guy never spoke,he maybe very good'
I was using Ryu,
I just kept beating the other guy since the round started,
and they challenged me one by one,I beated all of them quickly without trying hard
and they said 'holy **** this guy is good....'

and we played another version of SF
but still I just beated them easily

I just played a street fighter tournament last week where I live and it was awesome!!! I never knew that so many people still played the game. There were tournaments for almost all the different street fighter games, but I chose to just play super street fighter. I found out that by far the best character was SAGAT!!! That guy is unstoppable....The top 3 players used him and my poor Feilong got Tiger uppercut and kneed to death. I do not think even the awesome Ryu could stop Sagat. One day I'll find a way to beat him though, hopefully.
Shoryuken! Shoryuken!! Shoryureppa!!!


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first time i was in japan in 1992 they had this new great game in the gamecentres- sf II- i got addicted- i even bought a crappy cd w the title "chun li hikou densetsu" w the theme songs and some kind of play were chun li was a cop in honk kong at that time...when i came home to europe i bought a super nintendo (super famicon) just in order to play that game....i also bought many of the following versions-the next was sf II turbo- where you could even play the "bad" guys....seems to be ages ago...

those were the days...; )

edit:i first played chun li(was easiest) then loved ryuu then ken for the speed, in the later vers. guy-well i love those speedy types i guess...

edit II:=w=eezer, Himura: yeah man, where do you think sagats got that big scare from on his chest?
I know @ Jigen!!! Haha, let me welcome you to the StreetFighter-FanClub!!! 👍
Ah Street Fighter what wonderful game i dont realy remember playing that much with anybody but my bro i would be ryu and he was always the green elctric guy that had his own island and he always killed me until finaly one day i beat him hurray for me by the way it was because i raised my handicap allthe way while my bro went to the bathroom but i never beat him again darn
aaah.....street fighter......long time no playing this game anymore.......yesterday i played this game again on my old dusty 8-Bit super famicom.....and i remembered my childhood old days......
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