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14 Feb 2003
I'm a big fan of Japanese Street Fashion, and i've been trying to see where i can find those magazines, like Fruits, aside from registering at the site...where can i find them in stores?
I know a place in the UK (in London) so I'm sure there has to be somewhere similar in the states - try and find a japanese centre of somesort and they'll stock a selection of magazines. Good luck!
Japanese embassies and consulates usually maintain cultural centres offering the latest newspapers, magazines and journals. Sometimes you're even allowed to borrow them.
in the US

try contacting the Kinokuniya bookstore....they have them in several locations throughout the two coasts, as well as the website here:


you should be able to order them....assuming you don't mind paying the prices.... :D

I don't know about any magazines but if you want to see the latest Japanese fashion check out this website:


It's a very cool website! :)
To buy the collection of "Fruits" images, go to


.. and search for Fashion... this but is the bomb, trust me :)
Fashion Store


You may have the interest to take a look at this site for street fashion
there's also this one:
I have just browsed through the pages, but haven't bought anything...yet... I love J-fashion and Japanese designers too ;)
Sadly Japanese street fashion has become a myth, five years ago it was real crazy, but now the fashion has changed and the majority of the folk's you saw in Fruits are now wearing hip hop clothes.
You will be suprised at disappointing it can be, Harajuku has changed lots recently and they built this big 'mall' type thing for all the indepenant fashion butiques, so like its all gone crazy!

oh no!
no its not -- saw plenty
that mall dealie has been there for at least a year
i think it was longer, but time is all a blur in a bath
na, loads of 'visual gays' and gothic lolitas, but not many horror goths or real crazy, crazy homemade original fashions.
Originally posted by alexi32
na, loads of 'visual gays' and gothic lolitas, but not many horror goths or real crazy, crazy homemade original fashions.

oh that's sad :(
I see masses of people here that don't really dare to be themselves, it's sad if this is a common phenomenom...I always support people who are creative, wear what they want to wear etc...I think the worst are the teenagers, who just "have to" have the exact type of jeans etc.
Please,please,crazy people,don't give up,you're my inspiration :)
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