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steve caturan (chye-fhut)


15 Mar 2002
I'm Steve Caturan (chye-fhut), originally from the Philippines, 23 years of age. my interest in Japan dates back in the mid 1980's watching tagalog-dubbed tb shows like "Shaider" and "Biomen".

got into JPOP (Japanese Pop Music) in highschool, i think i was 16 at that time. my favorite group of all-time is "The Brilliant Green", hoping SOMEDAY i will see them perform LIVE here in New York City. go BuriGuri! i have bought all their Japan-imported CD albums, singles and DVDs, but i have yet to see them LIVE.

i'm also an avid fan of japanese portrait/glamour photography and graphic design. favorite photographer is Tatsuo Wanatabe, japanese model Kazue Fukiishi. i hope to visit Japan sometime within the next 5 years.

welcome again and thanks for your valuable input!

PS: I highly recomment to visit Steve's web site, an absolute must for Jpop fans!
como seka! (ooops spelling) or is it kumusta ka?

welcome aboard and that's a nice site.
hi steve,
it seems that japanese Tv of the 80's has been the best ad campaign for Japan for people our age. I enjoyed many an episode of 'Voltron' and 'Monkey Magic' as a young chappie.

Welcome to Jref!!! Im also from Philippines!!

Im glad theres another Filipino here!!!

Im so happy!!

🌹 🌹 !Welcome! 🌹 🌹
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