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Star Wars

What is your Favortie Star Wars

  • The Phantom Menace

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  • Attack of the Clones

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • A New Hope[starwars]

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • The Empire Strikes Back

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Return of the Jedi

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • I can't stand Star Wars

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16 Apr 2002
Hey! My favorite movie is Star Wars, what is yours? Feel free to add options.
Sorry, in this regard I'm a purist. To me the new episodes seem to be commercial fairy tales that cannot cope with the original (so-called episodes 4 - 6). Just my personal jiji opinion.
I have voted "return of the jedi" its the only one that I have seen and I throughly enjoyed it,,,how-ever my all time favorite program just has to be " star trek" the most resent one's have had me on the edge of my seat guessing what possibly could happen next!! and guess what?? I am never right!!! 😌
Wow Debs, I didn't know you're a trekkie too!! :)

Which is your favorite series, the original from the 60s, Star Trek NG, Deep Space 9 or Voyager?
The Empire Strikes Back was my favorite in the first trilogy.

And Thomas is right...

The new trilogy of movies can't even stand up to the quality of the original 3, though the Yoda fight scene in II was memorable.
"star trekking across the universe" lolol:clap:
Thomas you too!!! great stuff, my favorites just have to be "D.Space 9" and "Voyager" but it took me a little time to appreciate "Janeway" "Data" I just love him lol,oops off the thread!! Sorry🙂 (hehe)
I also loved DS9 (I found the last episode a bit disappointing) and Voyager (Janeway is a cool lady), but in sum my favorite is NG. Captain Picard is a true officer and gentleman, LOL.

Not that off topic, we're still in space.
"I personaly Love the new episodes even more then the old. Some think their corny and commercial, but without them most wouldn't understand and still don't understand how the Empire came to be and with the remimanints of the Old Republic Still in the Glaactic Senate. This is all explaned in the greatest episodes of Star Wars, the Saga[ episode 1-3]. The Lucas team, creaters of Star Wars, think that Episode 2 is the greatest Star Wars yet and I agree. The Effects of the Action packed movie, which is actually not suposed to be an action film, it's really all about the romance, are like no other and no other compair. Star Wars is totally awesome every time you see it, especially episode II. It's far from a disapiontment or anything of the sort. I never amagend it would be as good as it was. I saw it four times and I'm still moved by the magic it brings to the eyes of the fans viewing it. Ive never seen a movie do someting like this before except Star Wars episode 4-6. Star Wars was the Greatest movie in the intire world for 22 years, then it was the second for 3 years and now it's been the third for less then a month, under the #1 Titanic and #2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Star Wars will never be forgotten as long as I'm around and Star Wars was the first realistic Sy-Phy movie in the World, an origanal, no movie will ever compair to it's legend and legacy. Star Wars is my life and has been since I was six. I'm almost Thirteen, in 4 months... That's an intire life of Star Wars wich will be continued. Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without Star Wars I would still be living the boring little life I get for living in Michigan. Without Star Wars my life would have little or no piont. Star Wars has kept majic and excitment in my heart for years even tough I have seen it thousands of times before. Millions of American fans, not including the Miliions of other fans, see my point, but some disagree. I don't know how or why but I will never disagree that Star Wars is the greatest thing to hit this world in a hundred years, yet so many don't even relise it. I think thats a little sad. That's why on my web site their is a page about bringing Star Wars into the homes and hearts of the World, Buy Star Wars Episode II for your self and every one else. Every one deserves to see something as magnificent as Star Wars, especiall Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones!!! And Thats Star Wars for ya DUDE!!!" -Mitchel D. Bean III [Koji]
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By the Way! Im a rebel and can't stand Star Trek. Unlike Star Wars i'ts a bunch of piontless unconnected problems through episodes, where Star Wars is fighteing toward one cause, so it makes sence, it's above the level of sitcom... unlike Star Trek which is down with The Brady Bunch and I LOVE LUCY! Classics but no comparrisen to the big ones like Star Wars.
Oh yeah man, I'm American, Michigander, and Detroit all together!
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OK, now you've done it! Don't go putting down Star Trek! 😲

First of all, you're living in a dream. Star Wars is not a religion. They're just movies made for the purpose of entertainment. While they're technologically advanced for their time, the storylines are nothing special.

Second of all, you've obviously never watched a whole Star Trek season, because otherwise you wouldn't be saying that it's unconnected. While most episodes stand on their own, there are many key episodes that tell a continueing story which spans over many seasons. Because it's a tv-series this red line is very spread out, so you have to watch the whole season in order to understand it. In comparison, Star Wars fails to deliver the complexity and indepth character building that Star Trek brings.

And to take this discussion a little further, Star Trek is a great show but when it comes to sci-fi storytelling, absolutely nothing, i repeat, absolutely nothing comes close to Babylon 5.
That series has so many intertwined storylines that it's mindboggling.

So there...

Just want to point out there's more to life then Star Wars. 🙂
Hello? Star Wars characters are very complex! Most people have no idea of the explaned and unexplaned complexadies of the Star Wars characters! And yes Star Wars is a religion! Hello the Jedi, which is what Star Wars is about, is all about religion! You abviously have been to glued to the Star Ship fairy tales that seem to have no rules that bind possibilities in Star Trek like some tipe of Future Physyco OO7! Star Wars is much more complex in the lives and previous lives of it's characters, which someone who is fantashising in an anything is possible sitcom like Star Trek wouldn't notice! ~ So Star Wars sure beats ya their! And that Babalon 5 thing should be changed to babalon loser! Cuz compaired to Star Wars any WB20 TV show is didly squat! "Nothing and I repeat nothing" ever in the history of the Universe come close to SW!!! So get off your high horse and cool down from your head in the clouds unrealistic TV show!!! And thier is more to life then crusing around in a non blueprint capable plastic ship through space under the controll of a captian with no hair!!! hahaha!!!! Where inStar Wars things are only strentched to a limit of probable possibilities and not just anything can be their,like time travel! Their are technological rules as to technowledge in Star Wars!! Star Wars also motions alot towards serious relife problems such as government issues which mold the format of the intire episodes! Where star trek, which I do not capitilize for that matter, doesn't have such government happenings; OK the evil slug alien ship shot a missle, lets hit this button, with really looks like a christmas tree light, to send a little laser proton thingy towards it... and then we can all go to grandma's house and have cookies. And Star Wars has been a big part of over two generations! So it is a life if not two!!!! Saiyonara dude! Du Duncoph!I've never actuallymet a star trek fan in person, not in Mcihigan, we Detroit are way Star Wars!!!Thats Star Wars for ya DOODY!!! Oh yeah! That burned!!!
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Originally posted by Koji
I'm almost Thirteen, in 4 months...

Ah, now it makes sense...

Reread this thread again in 5 years, watch the entire Star Trek and Babylon 5 series in the mean time and then tell me how right i am!

/me is wondering what the hell he's argueing about.
/me needs to get a life!
And how long do they spend working on star trek? hu? What, a month! Oh yeah that shows how much wrok and detail they put into it! With Star Wars they put 3 years into it so their fans get the best ever and don't have to waist time with poor old star trek!
You Lose! Star Wars is better then star trek in every way possible!!! Theirs not a thing you could say not Mr. BO 5 Voyages!!!! That's Star Wars for ya DOODY!!! Star Wars over star trek any day! Bring it on!!!! STAR WARS RULES! Star Wars dominates the Sci-phy movie world and the movie world and the over all theatre world!!!!! Now Thats STAR WARS for ya DOODY!
I think everyone has made his/her point clear. Thread closed.
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