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Stake in Japan


23 Oct 2003
I`m doing a project and I need to find a stake in Japan that would effect the tourism. I found some info on whaling but I don`t see how it would effect the tourism that much.

Hi Luc

Do you mean things about Japan that would have a negative impact on tourists going there ?

Like a long air flight to get there.
Everything is so expensive.
Not being able to speak the language.
Worried about what to eat.

Or things about Japan's culture and past history? I'm not sure what stake means???


ya something wrong about the country where once side is in faver and the other is not.

I translated "enjeu" and it gave me "stake" so I dunno if thats the right word.
OK I SEE.....

where you got whaling, that makes sense. Maybe tuna fishing somewhat. Older people have hard feelings over the war. I think we've seen posts where Russia, China, and Korea have grudges; probably any country that had war in the past with Japan. In the past the work unions in our country and others were upset about competition in the car market and electronics area. Anti-polution people sometimes get mad that Japan is not superclean, like their beaches. I think there are protests about killing dolphins.
Hopefully people more up on these things will post for you !!
Good Luck !!


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