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Spring time! So when are the sakura?


23 Oct 2003
Yay! its Spring! Even though its -20c and snowing in my city its still one step foward till hot days. So the real point of this topic is when do the sakura pop out in Japan? Is there still some in May?
I believe that this week is the prime viewing period - at least for Tokyo. The trees around the Imperial Palace area were, as of yesterday, already budding.
Not in Kochi my friend. Some apple, no cherry yet. I have a big tree on the driveway and it has only started to bud. Gets cold up here in the mountains.
😊 Heh. Yes, well... *cough* I'm really hoping that the blossoms don't appear in Tokyo till next week; the weather report shows rain all of this week. They've already put up the lanterns along the banks of the Nagameguro (?) river, and should be quite nice looking when the trees bloom.
I asked a friend in the boonies ( near Tokyo ) she said there already out but she doesn't know till when.

Anyone know till when this last?
Plum (ume) and cherry trees have been blossoming early this year in Tokyo. I have seen Ume blossoms in late February (check the pictures in the gallery) and winter sakura were already blossoming as well (that is 3 weeks earlier than usual for this variety). The first "real" (ordinary) cherry blossoms normally start blossoming around the first week of April in Tokyo, but they are already in full bloom now (about 10 days early). This year is the 2nd most precocious blossoming (after year 2002) in about 50 years. Global warming ?
It could be, a friend of mine is at Tokyo U and he told me it was 20c last week. I dunno if that's hot for this time of year but I'm still making snow men.
We had 20'C one day in late February (!), then again a few days last week, but it's dropped down to 10-15 again now. Should be back to 18-20 by the end of the week. :)
Pic taken yesterday in Kamakura (sorry, keitai pic of poor quality). Ume and sakura already started to bloom.


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Whats the deal with the parties? Every one tells me they got drunk as hell or eat like there's no tomorrow during cherry blossoms time.

Maybe there's a secret powder that drives you crazy in those.
I would really love to be there around this time of year! Maybe next year when I've saved up some money tot go.

Until then I'll just enjoy yhe blossom here and right now I'm so happy because the weather is great here (summer's on it's way) 🌹
Can't be over, yet. Got this pic from a friend in Nagoya last Saturday.
I wish I was there :(


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My buddy told me that in Tokyo the blooming is over and now you can see those snowing pedals, sounds nice.

I look at my trees, covered with ice the wind blowing at it almost like it would break in half.
Come to Kamakura, Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom
Lovely view from the top of Hachimanju
Maybe next year I will have the opportunity to plan ahead and be SURE I am in Japan to see the cherry blossoms this year I am gonna be arriving a little late, wish I could see this years though since it is supposed to be one of the best since 2000? :p
Also though I may add, down here in Louisiana we get some pretty blooms also, not even a drop of snow, I think it is about 70-80 degrees outside right now.

EDIT: It has snowed 3 times down here that I know of and all 3 were not even enough to show on the ground. :mad:
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