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14 Mar 2002
Yesterday they showed "Spriggan" on TV. Has anyone watched that anime movie?

The story is quite interesting, not the usual sci-fi/not-too-distant future/cyborg style I've seen in other anime. The plot centers around Noah's Ark which turns out to be an aeon-old alien instrument that had originally created mankind.

Here's a link

=> http://www.sprigganthemovie.com/story/

Below: Yu Ominae, the main character and saviour of the world


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Spriggan the movie was entertaining. The original manga is also worth a checkout for the full feel since the movie was an excerpt from it.
I'll see if I can find the manga. I know that compared to other anime Spriggan can't be considered violent, still it was pretty, hm, bloody...

yea i like spriggan saw it last year. Manga is pretty good from what i heard and seen. I like the battle suit he wears.
I have a review on it at my website

Anime Tai

Spriggan was okay, but it started getting a little boring around the whole Noah's Ark thing was an alien tool for creation. It was quite an unexpected plot twist, but I dont think it was something too enjoyable.

Although the rest of the movie including the fighting was excellent. I felt sorry for the fat guy who got blown up on the roof of the school
I have the 7 mangas of Spriggan (Collector's). I only lack the 8th volume since it was hard to get. Since I got frustrated that VIZ stopped translating it, not to mention butchering it that I didn't get to know the rest of the manga's "meaty stuff" (aka other stories)

BTW, the fat guy was Tanaka.
why are people always telling the spoilers?!!! i got most of the manga includiing that one, but it is WRONG to punish people for just viewing a thread
i was just looking to see what the original poster had posted anyway
Just a question to those who bought the collector's version of Spriggan (The one with First Mission), I just want to know if Volume 8 is still available since I got the 7 manga volumes in my local anime store in Metrotown (Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada for you non-Canadians out there...)
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