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Sports Surgery & Care: JETS & Japan Residents



A bit of info for you and anyone else that can use it. Just didn't know where it should go?

I am a JET ALT in Yamaguchi City. Recently, I underwent emergency surgery due to a work related accident / sports injury. The injury required arthroscopy and a competent surgeon well versed in Western medical practices. By this I mean a fast and accurate diagnosis soon followed by treatment. After a lot of effort, I found The Katsuura Orhopaedic Clinic in Chiba Ken. I just wanted to let other JETs and foreign residents know about this by suggesting a link.


The Katsuura Orthopaedic Clinic

They have bilingual staff (Japanese & English) and often treat foreign residents. They accept National Health Insurance and can recommend other top sports physicians in other prefectures.

Wow thanks.

Last summer I trained with a professional rugby team... I started getting knee ailments... I was considering going in to get it checked ( I thought It was tendonitis) but I wasnt sure and I didnt want to get mis-diagnosed and have the wrong procedure done on it. I toughed it out and waited till I got home to get it checked and repaired.
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