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15 Apr 2002
Japan's soccer has been around for quite a while. Their main professional league "J-league" was created a larger group of teams which are now called "J-2" conveniently.

With the World Cup popularity of soccer is probably at it's peak with view percentages up close to 60% ... hehe well the Japanese team was playing.

Much talk has been going on that with the level of play of the World Cup teams that watching J-league is going to be boring.

I wonder since Japan has been able to gather a few good players to come and play with J-league teams like Mboma from Cameroon.

I really like that another sport besides baseball is finally coming to maturity in Japan and with the Japanese team's recent victories hopefully soccer will enjoy a much larger audience.
I can definately see why American football has not taken off over there. They seem to be a little to refined for that. Same with hockey. Go Red Wings!

Soccer (european football) is great and is gaining a lot of steam over here in the states. Kids most popular sport to play is now soccer, or so I was reading.

I think it is kinda funny how in the 70s and 80s, the martial arts boomed over here and now it is hard to find another enthusiast.

Must be that movie themes have changed. Hehe, I was a big Martial Arts nut back then, a friend from high school even opened his own dojo :)

Football is somewhat popular in universities along with rugby. Jr. and Sr. High school kids either study or play sports in school. ;-)

Also, it probably has something to do with how the fans support their favorite teams, aka Hashin Tiger Fans. Going to the ball game is more like joining a cheeryelling team! I miss kicking back and enjoying a hotdog and a beer. Lots of ball games you need earplugs to block out the cheering and drums plus you miss seeing a good hit. On a side note, you have to give back all foul balls. urrrrrrr
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