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甘やかす is spoil as in spoiled with things they want, not spoiled as in a spoiled food, I don't know which you wanted.
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Could also be 壊す or 壊れる depending whether it's transitive or intransitive.
Although kowareru is usually thought of more as broken in English. Spoiled as in became rotten is kusaraseta, for food it could also be itanda, "ruin or become useless" more generally might be dainashi ni natta or dame ni natta..
I meant the actual symbol the you know like you'd use for a tattoo. And I do mean the person spoiled, not food

Closest would be 甘やかされた which means spoiled or pampered. You could go with the first character 甘 but it is more commonly associated with a basic meaning of "sweet."

More common is to call people selfish instead of spoiled.If that's close enough for you, the word would be:
Normally they don't use the second kanji so if you want Japanese people to be able to read it, you'd have to go with:

If you're just looking for a single character, you could go with 我 which
carries with it a meaning of "ego" or "selfish".

If this is for a female you could also consider お嬢様 (or 御嬢様) which literally means a daughter of privilege but nowadays is used to say "daughter" or to indicate a pampered (or spoiled) girl. Either in jest or as an insult.
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