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Spirited Away wins Oscar! 8-)

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26 Feb 2003
"Spirited Away" by Hayao Miyazaki won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film earlier tonight! Those of you who aren't familiar with Miyazaki's work, he was the man responsible for "Princess Mononoke", "Grave of the Fireflies", "My Neighbor Totoro", and "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind" just to name a few. It's great to see someone of his obvious talent get this kind of well-deserved recognition across the globe!
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Yes, Spirited Away deserved it! It is a great movie. Also, if you live in the states, Disney is re-releasing Spirited Away in about 800 American theaters. I will go see it since I have only seen it on the small screen before.
I never new people liked Sprited away, I know The Elbert fellow liked it alot. Personaly I think it deserved the award.
Sweet! Glad to hear they are re-releasing it. Sometimes you really get a better appreciation when you can watch it on the big screen I think. I remember catching Mononoke Hime in the theaters when it was first released in Japan and the effect was simply stunning, much better than watching it on a smaller screen. I've also heard that Spirited Away made something like $200 million in Japan already. Definitely blockbuster numbers for any movie, let alone an animated feature. As a result of Oscar exposure, hopefully many more people will get get a chance to check out this absolutely brilliant film. :cool:
im glad an anime finally got recognition in the states. i saw it the 1st time it was in theaters here, drove 60 miles to see it but still very worth it. ill probally catch it the on its 2nd run too, hopefully this time ill be able to watch the subtitled version.
I completely deserved the award... I was really impressed with the immersive qualities the animation movie had... Great stuff...
it's a wonderful thing. Spirited Away is a great movie, i actually just saw it last night, a theatre near me was part of the whole re-releasing... amazing! Spirited Away definitely deserved it!

(look out, bitter opinion babblings start now:
jin-roh should have gotten it last year. :):fist shaking:: stupid academy and it's stupid decision that VHD: Bloodlust and Jin-Roh don't get to be 'real' nominees!) Shrek? hah! best animated film, my foot!)
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