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Spirited Away anyone?


9 Dec 2003
I went to Best Buy with Hyper, but what anime is the perverted kind because I am sure her parents will not let her watch it. Has anyone seen Spirited Away? Awesome!
lots of the ones at best buy are good enough for anyone to watch. either way it would be easier for you to name titles of anime she wanted to get and us tell you whether its hentai or ecchi or what rather than the other way around. thats way too much work man.
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Um, one that I saw that I think she liked was a weird one where this girl was walking on rocks in a stream...something dreams....you'll have to ask her. what are hentai and o ecchi? Thank you for the help, and I will talk to Miyume, or she will be on. I will give her the forum .thanks!
hentai would be something with sex, naked bodies etc. basicly a porno but animated, usually with a better storyline.
ecchi would be have fanboy content but little to no nudity and no sex.
you know DarkDreams, I was just about to talk to you on a diff. forum...about poems and stuff. very VERY good!
If you are in doubt, go for the more popular Anime. Anyway, you can always make a search online for the Anime's name.

I can't wait for the next episode of Macross Zero. :D
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