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Spiderman II

I watched the trailer today and that was SUCH a tease!!!! It's going to be a looooooong 6 months! I loved the first one, but was so mad at the ending. I'm so anxious to see what happens...
Ha ha ha... knm; were you mad because Peter parker walked away from Mary Jane? But i loved MJ's expressions when she felt nostalgic when Peter kissed her... It's all good~


It's good that all the original casts are back in this movie (Tobey and Kirsten are superb!) and i'm even anticipating this Spidey II story more than even Matrix 3 (before it was released)...

ps. i just chked and the trailer is still up? no?
Yep, that's what made me mad... :p

I am still thinking about that trailer. Those two just calmly sitting at the table, Peter lying and saying that no, he doesn't love her, then MJ asking him to kiss her, and then WHAM! Car comes flying through the window straight at them. That was excellent. Did I mention it was going to be a loooooooooong 6 months? hehehe
Yeah, Dr. Octopus's dramatic entrace was superb.... Good thing we have Lord of the Rings, and Paycheck to keep us somwhat occupied this month....
I was hoping that the Doc would be slightly beefier... he's tentacles look really cool though!! especially when he uses them to walk!!!

I've been reading Spectacular Spiderman for a while now (mainly because my favourite artist is doing it) and they have just recently started a new story involving Doc Oc. and he looks awesome!!.. alittle shame he doesn't look like this in the film ..but hey. I liked the first one, although my mates didn't, but they couldn't see past critising the special effects (which i thought did what they were supposed to).....anyhoo... it looks cool!!! 🙂



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I like how the second movie seems to seamlessly pick up from where the first one left off (ala LotR and the Matrix series). The only bone I have to pick with Marvel is why in the world did they choose to go with Doc Ock? I know the original script called for two supervillains (Ock and the Lizard) which would have been much cooler imho. I mean, of all the great villains that have been Spidey's foes at one time or another... they choose to go with the Green Gobber and Doc Ock in the first two installments? Who's next? The Vulture perhaps? Oy vey... give me Venom, Carnage, something...

The same holds true for all the Marvel franchises I think (key word being "franchise"). We should have had the Juggernaut, Apocalypse, or some other heavy-hitter for the X-men movies but Magneto was cool enough I guess (Phoenix looks to be a good choice for the next one). And the WORST villain choice I thought was for the recent Hulk flick. Nick Nolte as his Gamma-mutated father?!? Come on... I want to see the Abomination, Juggy, or maybe Thor duke it out with the green goliath! Ahh well. I guess Marvel just wants to milk these characters for all their worth. Maybe by the time we get around to the sixth or seventh sequel, they might actually give us a crossover ala "Secret Wars", heheh.
p.s. Yes, I used to collect comics as a kid so I guess that technically makes me a geek. 8-p
Yeah, i didn't like the Hulk flick as well... Too much yapping and the storyline isn't too attractive...

As for the Spiderman comics, the villain that I enjoyed most was Venom... (It was damn good!) I still remember trying to bug my dad to give me 5 bucks every now and then so I could get the latest relase of Spiderman from our neighbourhood Q&A giftshop... Good old times.

hehe just relised how old this post is. Well im going to see it 2moro, UK release is 2moro and i already have tickets ! cant wait !
I saw it on the first day of US release, was pretty happy since it was released like 2 days before i left to go back to London. :)

Had to sit RIGHT at the front though since the cinema was pretty full, ended up with an aching neck and dizzy eyes, was worth it tho. :)
I have yet to see it, but one thing that I hate about the movie is that Kirsten Dunst is MJ. That just annoys me so much, couldn't they have gotten someone else ??!!!! :kaioken: :danger: 🔫
Yeah I didn't want to dubbelpost so I'd put in here..it's about Spiderman sooo...and nobody talked about it ^^'
i have seen spiderman 2 it was awsome i was in first night i waited long time i think there might even be a 3rd
There is actually plans for 6 spiderman films. Only 3 of them will have Tobey and Kirsten, unless they decide to renew contracts.

As for the film....I hate to say it was somewhat of a disappointment. I still thought it was great, but there was so much cliche' that took away from the film a bit.

It could have been a good deal better.

Now.....the wait begins for Blade: Trinity, then the coup d'gras.....Batman: Beginning.

Mmmmmmmmm....Christian Bale.........*slurp*
Just seen it tonite, got back just now ! Its a pretty good movie, but i think on par with the first. It doesnt have a major "wow" factor , but it is good. A little bit more action and abit less of the romance could have done. However its still a must see !
Winter said:
Great actor, yeah, but he's supposed to be Ra's al Ghul....its gonna be odd to adjust to that.

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. That it will be kind of strange to see him in that kind of role.
I saw Spidey 2 last weekend and I thought it was good, better than the first one even. I used to like Doc Ock as a villain when I was a kid and thought he was a good choice.

As with the first film though, my favorite character by far was J Jonah Jamison. That guy had me falling out of my chair laughing, every sentence out of his mouth is some lame one-liner that just cracks me up.

"Mr. Jamison, your wife just called, she lost her checkbook."

"Great, do you have any other good news?"

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