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Speed still thrills in Japanese sports cars


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14 Mar 2002
Speed still thrills in Japanese sports cars

Hot to trot and trample, Mazda is unleashing the RX-8 sports car that propels the legacy of the ancestral RX-7 to a new dimension in space and time.

Like the 350Z, however, the 2004 RX-8 does not intimidate intenders with its window sticker. Equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission, the RX-8 will bear price tags beginning at $25,180 when it goes on sale in June. With a six-speed stick, the RX-8 demands a debit of $26,680. A fully loaded RX-8 with either transmission and every available option, including leather seats, Bose audio, 18-inch tires, moonroof and fog lamps, will run in the neighbourhood of $30,000. Mazda began accepting online orders on Jan. 8, allowing prospects to choose trim and options for delivery through dealers in June.

Harnessed to 250 horses, the RX-8 is most notable for its perpetuation of Mazda's legendary rotary configuration that first cranked a Wankle 30 years ago.

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RX-8 attract a great deal of attention in Japan now. And this one entrance in the movie "X-MEN 2"! Of course, this car is the hero's car.
RX-8 on the movie has an original colour "mutant blue", original rear wing, original front mask and wheels with X design.

This HP is the official site of Mazda in Tokyo auto salon. You can watch more photographs. But this site is Japanese only, sorry.


This page is the English text of Mazda in Tokyo auto salon. But no photographs, text only.



those cars are beautiful!!! but unless i marry rich or win the lotto, i could never hope to own a car like that :(
Konnichiwa Gundamv3-san!

I am sorry those car are remodeled car and we can not get those. Of course X-men car too. And I think those remodeling parts are not for sale.:eek:
But you can get a original model befor the remodel.

Then again, there will probably be companies who will offer to build an X-Men replica. Probably not cheap though.
Definitely! :)

=> http://www.mazda.ca/english/40_38257.htm

=> http://autonet.ca/AutonetStories/Spotlight/Stories.cfm?StoryID=3552

=> http://www.rx8forum.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=35
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