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Speaking out from the streets


17 Jan 2004
Here's a very good article/description of prostitition (something Ran-sama and myself hate so much):

Here, in her own words, a young woman from Colombia lays bare the life she and tens of thousands of other foreign women lead as illegal sex workers in Japan. It is a tale of vulnerability, greed and exploitation that is both shockingly explicit and, at times, surprisingly moving.

Japan Times
It's just another story full of cliches. Nothing is new.
Selling her body in Japan is one easy way to make some quick money and she accepts it. Some women prefer sleeping with strangers to working in a factory. It is their choice.
It is a sad story to hear...and I wish there would not be such a thing as prostitution...man I would definitly take action against it if I had the power to do so....no one deserves a life like that !!! :( :(
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