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20 Jul 2003
can anyone introduce me some Spanish music?

I prefer more guitar sounds (accoustic or electric)
and male singers
Juanes is amazing! *_* he tends to attract women but he has an amazing voice.
Carlos Santana has a few great CD's. I have all of his old ones. I find that those have more of a spanish feel.
Arturo Sandoval had really good guitar skills and
Gypsie Kings are good too. And maybe if you feel like dancing Celia Cruz would be a good choice. She was an excellent singer.
I really only listen to it in spanish class so I have no idea. I'm going to have to buy a cd someday. Spanish music makes me think it's Friday.
Ozomatli are a good latin-y funky band. Check out their self-titled first album. It has Cut-chemist and Cali-tuna from Jurrassic 5 on it. It was the group they were in before j5.

Ozomatli are pretty much instrumental..really good!! makes you want to shake your butt. 😄

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