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Spanish language help

Mark of Zorro

4 Oct 2012
If there are any Spanish speakers out there, I may fill this thread with questions so keep coming back if you can!

For now, I wonder if anyone can tell the difference between these:

Do you study Japanese?

1. estudias a japones?

2. Estudiar japones?

3. estudia japones?

(accent marks and pre-question mark removed to avoid potential font errors)
I am on the verge of figuring this out for myself I think.

No need for long explanations. If its just differences between usted and tu forms, you can just say which is which and be done.
Thanks, but those are already pulled directly from a machine translator.

And I don't much feel like opening a new account on a new forum if someone here can help me. But, if this Spanish study continues, that will be a good idea, so thanks for that advice. I had not considered going to a Spanish forum. As I don't even use this forum for Japanese study, the thought never dawned on me that I could use a more appropriate forum that way... that they even existed...funny how the mind can overlook the obvious, ain't it? Thanks again.
Hi Mark of Zorro, I'm a native from Spain so I think I can help you a little bit:

1. estudias a japones? - This is incorrectly formulated. The appropriate way to translate "Do you study Japanese?" is "estudias japones?".
2. Estudiar japones? - This also sounds strange. It can be translated as "Study Japanese?"
3. estudia japones? - This one is the same as "estudias japones?" but in the Spanish formal speech, although in some parts Hispanic America it is strictly casual speech.

If you need more help beyond the limitations of a Nihongo forum feel free to send me a PM :)
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