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14 Mar 2002

10 million servings of spam a day

A bulk e-mail marketer since 1998, Catts, a former car salesman and professional bull rider has transformed a room of his modest house into an impressive command center. There, 16 computers operate around the clock, employing special software to spew up to 10 million e-mail advertisements a day around the globe. A small number of people respond to that advertising bombardment, an average of 50 each day, Catts says. But his fees add up to more than $700,000 a year, minus the $40,000 or so he spends annually on software and for address lists. [...]

Catts is now among 180 of the world's largest spammers listed on the ROKSO list (Registry of Known Spam Operators). Those spammers, says Spamhaus founder Steve Linford, account for 90% of all unsolicited e-mail now sent. "These are 180 hardcore individuals," Linford says. "We call them professional spammers, but many of them have criminal records for all kinds of stuff. It takes a certain type of person. You pretty much need to be a lowlife. Sending unsolicited bulk e-mail isn't an ethical thing to do. All of the people who receive this stuff are complaining because there's no way to stop it." [...]

Catts says he's been threatened by the anti-spammers, who once surreptitiously recorded his telephone calls and posted the taped conversations on the Internet. More than 70 times in the past six years, he says, anti-spammer complaints have resulted in Catts' being terminated from his Internet service providers. He is now forced to find Internet access overseas.

=> http://www.jsonline.com/bym/tech/news/may03/141677.asp
ggrrrr man if I ever met that guy in person he would have a serving from me!!

Spam is so NOT cool!!

:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
Good day Thomas,

thanks for bringing this up.

Spamming is very big bussiness. Last week , you had an experience wy someone try to copy this site and make their own on your hard work expence.

Any time, an Internet site gets big and popular, like your site here, a spammer try to get inn. steal what, and how they can, so they can steal and get access of people e-mails.

Then set up their site like yours and, sell to internet vendors, and offer sanding their advertise products to e-mails that stoled on this site.

This is everyday thing. It is illegal, annoing, dishonest, and lots of time, very dengerous for you and our computers .

I belong to eBay. many spammers are going around to spam eBay users, were the spammers, if succede, steals: passwords, credit cards numbers and other personal information.

Although, we can`t prevent everone to get access to our stolen personal information, we can prevent some.

Please, to all of you that are interested on clean your e-mails, go here, and read about.

For pop- up ads, when you are on internet, go here:

Some this service are free. but, if you like to have more fancy service, you can enjoy with a few dollars.

Here`s some hints what to do while on some familiar site.

If you are a ebay costumer, and you get an e-mail from eBay, tha say that you have to click their links to renew your ID, Password, and other informazion. Don`t doit. Don`t click anithing, you will give the spammer a way to enter to your personal data.
Instaed, forword this e-mail to eBay spammer.
if you receive porno e-mails, try to not open, delete immediately. If you can`t delete before you open, mark with a flag, and forward to your provider, or call service support of your provider.
I used to Forward porno e-mails to the FBI.

I don`t know if thay done anything, i stopped receiving them.

Be familiar with your e-mails, and delete what doesn`t look familiar.

If you download free music, free games or any other free things, chances are, you will be spammed a lot. Even e-card places are there to be spammed.

I would suggest, make your own cards.

This are some suggestions that i know about

Good day to you hall


🙂 🙂
Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing!

Last fall I decided to disable all of my pop accounts due to the number of unsolicited mails I received each day. A few weeks ago I enabled one of my former accounts just to test it, and hey presto, I received a few dozen spams in just a day. Once they got hold of your address, drop it.

As for popups: I'm using CrazyBrowser, some sort of IE derivative. CB features a popup killer as well as browser tabs, I really recommend it

=> http://www.crazybrowser.com
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