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Spam: Protect your family against Bin Laden


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14 Mar 2002
Spam is already a part of our daily online lives. I usually report all spam mails to Spamcop. They are quite efficient, sending notifications to the ISPs and hosts whose networks were (ab)used as well as blocking their relays.

I've a large collection of "Nigerian scam" mails, emails from "businessmen" from various African nations who are looking for partners helping them to tranfer astronomic sums to their home countries. Well, I'm still planning to publish that collection, lol.

Now apart from "herbal viagra" and various anatomical enlargement tools, one of the latest trends - mind we are close to September 11 - is protection against terrorism.

Today I received an offer that "helps me to protect my family against Bin Laden". That's very kind, isn't it? I do appreciate their concern. This kind individual offers potasium iodide pills that "won't let a terror attack catch my family off guard" in case Osama targets a nuclear facility or uses atomic devices:

"Potassium Iodide blocks the thyroid's absorption of cancer-causing radioactive iodine released from a nuclear power plant or nuclear bomb."

Hm, online business...


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ohhh! some kind of powder that you take when the destruction of the word is apon us lolol😌

yeah! its kind of sad,, with a twist or reality in there just for fun!!
ooohh, I saw a movie that did something similar. Some US soliders where in Australia or something ... ewwww

hmmm ... I don't want the world to end for a few years at least ....
"It typically takes from 1,000 to 10,000 spams to make one sale. If you buy from a spammer, you are PERSONALLY responsible for the next 1,000 to 10,000 spams sent... Including the porn spam sent to your kids."

=> Spam Wars

Interesting page.
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