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Southern All Stars


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14 Mar 2002
I noticed that no one has ever mentioned the Southern All Stars at the forum. They are one of my favorite J-bands, icons at the Japanese pop sky who celebrated their 20th anniversary in 1998. Nevertheless, they still enjoy great popularity. If I'm not wrong their last album was "Sakura" (1998).

Here are some links:

Kuwata Music (E/J)

Official SAS Site, with downloadable sound bites (J)

SAS Fan Site (J)

Kuwata Keisuke, SAS band leader (E)

SAS Melody (J)

SAS Info (J)
Thomas you're such the [jiji].


I love em, they have a strong following with men our age. hohoho

If you listen carefully, you can pick up on all kinds of lovely Japanese.

ie ... ladies .... sorry

manpi no G-Sp*t

Anybody up on japanese will know exactly what the first word is ;)

The funny thing is that Keisuke get's away with this all time, possibly because everybody knows that he's just joking and that he does it with style :)

mmm..........now, what cud that mean?!

dunno, but, yes , I personally feel Southern All Stars is pretty good and Keisuke with his accented Japanese does have a cool voice and their lyrics are also good.
Check out 'Tsunami'. must say the lyrics are very beautiful.
I love that song.
Naminori Johnny, a single released by Keisuke,has good rhythm and pace.

But the leanings these guys have towards American accent and the 'stylish' English usage.....whew.......is so surprising and funny!
I like Keisuke's new single "Tokyo". It kinda resembles the Creedence Clearwater Revival version of "I put a spell on you".
@song title
manpi = man** ... you all do the detective work. I'm too embarassed to say it front of ladies.

CCR ??? Hey, I'm 33 ... you 2 that much older than me???
I liked "Proud Mary."

But still, CCr was a bit before my time.
Oh, I'm 33 too. Well, that makes us both "jiji", on this board at least, hehe. As for CCR: I identify myself musically with their period, one of my favorites is "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?".
Eagles? No, I'm not that advanced yet.

I'm definitely an "oldie" type, hehe.
Haha, not a lot of attention here..

they indeed are great, or should I say one of the Greatest Japanese bands ever!!!
Ex-member of Southern All Stars busted for drugs

YOKOHAMA -- A former member of the Southern All Stars rock band has been arrested for possessing illegal drugs, police said.

"They were for my own use. I cannot say how I obtained them," Kanagawa Prefectural Police quoted Takashi Omori, 49, as saying.

Omori, Southern All Stars' former guitarist, was found in possession of about 10 milligrams of stimulant drugs and 40 milligrams of marijuana at his home in Yokohama.

Kanagawa police officers suspect that Omori has regularly used illegal drugs. They are questioning the musician over how he obtained them and about his history of drug use.

Omori quit the Southern All Stars in 2001. (Mainichi)
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